AEG AUC9230 UltraCaptic Remote Deluxe Bagless Cylinder [Energy Class A]


  • Energy Rated A – powerful cleaning with Multi Turbo Cyclone improves suction for dust pick up
  • Remote control handle – change airflow with a single click of the AeroPro remote control handle
  • Designed for all floor types. Featuring the AeroPro Flex nozzle, AeroPro Silent nozzle and AeroPro Parketto Hardfloor nozzle
  • Allergy Plus washable filter for a cleaner home, complete filtration traps allergens
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The AEG UltraCaptic bagless vacuum cleaner range makes cleaning almost effortless. Powerful suction and the new AeroPro Silent nozzle pick up the dust around your home with ease. And when it’s time to empty, the unique Compact & Go solution ensures cleaner and easier emptying. The AEG UltraCaptic Deluxe+ is a sophisticated vacuum featuring: AeroPro Silent, Parketto, Flex-Pro nozzle for an all-surface clean and a remote control handle with electric power regulation.