Hoover DXH9A2DE 9kg Freestanding Heat Pump Condenser Sensor Tumble Dryer – White


  • Heat pump tumble dryer
  • 4 Sensor dry programmes
  • Large 9kg load capacity
  • A++ Energy efficiency rating
  • Aquavision in-door water collection tank
  • Hoover One Touch (NFC connected)
  • Up to 24 hour delay start
  • LED display with countdown display
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Finish off your laundry in a practical way with the Hoover DXH9A2DE Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology.The 9kg capacity makes for ample room, even for a large family, and you’ll struggle to find a garment that the appliance cannot handle with the best of care.There are specific cycles for wool, bed quilts, sports and waterproof wear, while the XXL Load can tackle large items like curtains and tablecloths, with minimal creasing.The anti-allergy setting tackles pet hair, bacteria, dust mites and pollen at a high temperature, while the anti-odour option removes bad smells quickly.Sensor drying also features on this model, with four programmes that make your clothes Iron, Hanger, Cupboard and Extra Dry as desired.Where does the water go? As with all condenser dryers, into a tank that needs to be emptied, but few are as simple to dispose of than on this model.Hoover’s patented in-built AquaVision Water Reservoir is found on the inner door of the condenser dryer. It’s simple to detach, take away and re-attach.The drum has a rounded shape, which reduces creasing by limiting interactions between mechanical vibrations and the load, distributing hot air evenly for balanced drying.The appliance is A++ rated for energy efficiency, with an estimated annual consumption of 259 kWh. The heat pump is another power saving device.This is where the hot air needed to dry the load is purified again, through an internal filter, and re-used with the aid of a coil, rather than conventional heating rods.These features are navigated through a control dial and LED digital display, with smart technology available through One Touch connectivity.By simply downloading the Hoover Wizard app to a Smartphone or tablet, you can access a host of additional features through a smartphone or tablet.This is done by pairing the device with the dryer through either NFC (near field communication), Wi-Fi or mobile data. Through this, you can even download new cycles.You can also receive a report of your laundry activities, perform maintenance checks, access the user manual and get help and advice, from a Hoover representative, online.