Hoover Dynamic Next DXC10DE Smart 10kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


  • Condenser tumble dryer
  • 4 Sensor dry programmes
  • Massive 10kg load capacity
  • Highly efficient reverse action
  • Hoover One Touch (NFC connected)
  • Up to 24 hour delay start
  • Aquavision in-door water collection tank
  • LED display
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The Hoover Dynamic Next DXC10DE smart tumble dryer has been designed to not just dry your clothes but also care for your items of clothing during each and every cycle.

Featuring an impressive 10kg load capacity, this tumble dryer is ideal for larger families and also allows you to get more drying done leaving you more time to do the things you love. The extra-large porthole makes loading and unloading your new tumble dryer much easier, making it feel less of a chore. The Hoover DXC10DE has a handy feature called AquaVision which involves a reservoir which is built into the tumble dryer’s door, this allows you to easily see when the water needs emptying and also features a convenient handle which makes it easy to remove when it comes to emptying.

With Sensor drying you are able to set the required level of dryness that you need, once that level of dryness has been reached the dryer will then switch off. This allows the clothes to stay in better condition as you won’t be over-drying them and it also allows you to save money on your energy bills. You have the choice of Iron dry, Store dry or Hang dry.

One very handy feature is the One Touch Control, it lets you control, monitor and manage the appliance using a compatible Android smartphone and the Hoover wizard app. The app functions include energy monitoring, machine check-up, clever end delay and more.

As this is a condenser tumble dryer you won’t need an external wall vent to get rid of the steam, this allows for complete freedom to place it anywhere in your home. The condensed water is collected in a container ready for emptying when the indicator alerts you to it being full.