LOEWE 65″ bild 5.65 OLED TV in Piano Black


Feel. Free.
For design enthusiasts who spend a lot of time away from home and appreciate flexibility. For purists inspired by cutting-edge technology and quality. The bild 5 is multi-talented. It is a real entertainment hub, perfectly connected to allow maximum freedom. Your home entertainment headquarters. Every detail is carefully conceived. Countless options for materials, colours and set-up solutions pave the way for modern and individual looks.

Clear, fast, intuitive and new.
Everything is clearly structured and user-friendly. Television channels, recordings, apps and other external sources can be stored on the home screen for easy access. We have also improved the overview in live TV, with a timeline showing the precise viewing point in the programme.

Ultra High Definition.
The Loewe bild 5 features an Ultra High Definition panel, a super resolution scaling algorithm and Edge LED backlights. The extremely flat Ultra HD displays offer four times more resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). The result is crystal-clear details, perfect contrasts and amazingly vibrant colours – even for rapid movements, such as in sports broadcasts or action movies.

The powerful stereo sound system with a closed bass reflex box ensures warm low frequencies and, with a total music output of 80 watts, generates resonant and voluminous sound.

More than 40 million songs.
The TIDAL app on your home screen will give you direct access to the streaming portal, so you can enjoy your favourite music in high-fidelity quality.


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Built to perform and styled to impress, the Loewe Bild 5.65 is a luxurious OLED TV.

Enjoy the richest images, with OLED screen technology
Welcome to the finest TV screen technology – OLED. Organic Light-Emitting Diode – OLED – TV offers perhaps the most advanced picture quality currently available. Unlike LED screens, OLED doesn’t require backlighting, so the colour is consistent right across the screen, with greatly enhanced contrast levels.

HDR10 and HLG for wide-ranging compatibility
With support for HDR10 and HLG, the Bild 5.55 is compatible with a wide range of UHD technologies. A true 10-bit panel gives it an immediate advantage over other TVs, in that it’s able to show HDR signals to their potential. This Loewe 65 inch TV offers decoding for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. HDR10 is widely used on UHD gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma HDR) is a broadcast and user generated standard format that is set to become the standard for transmitting 4K signals.

Dolby Vision for dramatic imaging
Dolby Vision optimises the HDR format to give quite simply the sharpest, most accurate images possible. Dolby vision-equipped TVs, like this Loewe, can decode both generic HDR content and content that’s specifically been encoded in Dolby Vision – a leading format in Hollywood and cinemas. Dolby Vision also adjusts the picture to take full advantage of each display’s characteristics and presents an optimized picture for each scene in specially mastered content.

Proprietary Loewe processing
Unique to Loewe TVs is their own processing software. It’s this unique software that gives the Bild 5.65 stunning contrast levels for the deepest blacks and most realistic colours possible.

Sleek style
Other than the superb picture quality, another advantage of using an OLED screen is the slimline style. The Bild 5.65 is styled to be as minimalist and compact as possible, making it one of the most discrete but beautifully finished TVs in its class. For total personalisation, a wide range of optional stands and brackets are available.

Optional stands and brackets
Featuring no fewer than six choices of optional stands and brackets, you can personalise your Bild 5.65 to suit your own style. With choices such as a retro silver or black oak tripod stand, sleek rotating stand and pivoting wall bracket, the style of the Bild 5.65 can be easily transformed.

Built-in PVR hard drive
Thanks to a built-in 1TB hard drive, you can record your favourite programmes from Freeview HD, without the need for a separate device. As well as operating as a built-in Freeview HD PVR, Loewe’s DR+ hard drive also acts as a video server accessible from other Loewe TV sets in your home. Using Loewe’s DR+ Streaming system you can send video to any compatible Loewe TV making it easy to, for example, start watching a film in your living room and then watching the rest in your bedroom – seamlessly.

Smarter than most TVs
Just like other smart TVs, the Loewe features smart features such as web browser and apps. Like others it also offers smartphone remote control. Where the Bild goes much further is in offering a Smart Assist app. Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android, this lets you schedule recordings, even when away from home – perfect for when a meeting is over-running or you can’t get to see the big game.

Make your TV the centre of attention – whether on or off the Loewe Bild 5.65 is a performance icon.