NEFF Slide & Hide B58VT68N0B Electric Oven – Stainless Steel

– VarioSteam and CircoTherm technology for beautifully even cooking

– Multiple oven functions and meat thermometer to suit whatever you’re making

– Pyrolytic cleaning makes oven maintenance simpler

– Slide & Hide door lets you load and unload dishes easily and safely

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The Neff Slide & Hide B58VT68N0B Electric Oven features CircoTherm technology, which uses a powerful fan to heat up and circulate air around the oven. It’s the primary cooking function and ensures efficient, even cooking every time.

VarioSteam is a useful steam assistance function that perfectly cooks food to make sure it’s moist in the middle and crispy on the outside – brilliant for rustling up succulent dinners.

Multiple oven functions

Choose between a range of oven functions to suit your cooking. The B58VT68N0B’s hot air function can be combined with steam to give the perfect browning and crisping to any dish.

You can grill, bake and defrost or heat specific areas of the oven with top and bottom heat functions. Steam functions let you reheat and prove dough for ultimate versatility in the kitchen.

The Multi Point roast thermometer helps to regulate the oven temperature and automatically adjust cooking times.

Pyrolytic cleaning

The B58VT68N0B features pyrolytic cleaning, which burns off food deposits and spills while cooking. Whether you’re baking, roasting or grilling the oven cleans as it cooks – so you can save time and energy scrubbing.

Slide & Hide door

Engineered with a clever Slide & Hide door, the B58VT68N0B’s door slides neatly under the oven to give you added flexibility and full access to the oven.

Reposition the oven’s interior to accommodate your cooking. The telescopic shelf is perfect for heavy roasts and larger sized dishes. By fully extending out of the oven without tipping or buckling, you can check your dish or take it out the oven safely and easily.