Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker

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  • Play music from almost any source all controlled from the Panasonic music streaming App
  • Distortion-free and clear sound from two woofers and two tweeters
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Send music from Smartphone/tablet to other all connected speakers
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Enjoy music throughout your home with the SC-ALL6EB-K Multi-Room Speaker from Panasonic. Giving you the capability to wirelessly link up to your smartphone, TV or speaker system, the SC-ALL6EB-K allows you to feed music from your device into any room in your home.

Multiple Music Sources
With two preset buttons at your disposal, the SC-ALL6EB-K uses the Panasonic Music Streaming App to give you the controls to listen to music in any room in your home from a wide range of music sources. The ALL connected series allows you to play audio from your smartphone, NAS drive, DAB or FM radio, Internet, hi-fi and TV, you can also link up to any other ALL device.

High-Resolution Audio
More power, less distortion – the SC-ALL6EB-K reproduces audio that is comparative to the studio quality that was originally intended. Built with 2 channels that comprise of 4 Speakers (2 woofers/2 tweeters), this multi-room speaker delivers high-resolution detailed audio with an impressive dynamic range, giving you an entirely immersive listening experience.

Wireless Connectivity
Blast out your favourite YouTube videos, stream your favourite radio station or hit play on your favourite tracks, the SC-ALL6EB-K provides endless music listening possibilities. Using your Bluetooth enabled smart device you can effortless stream your music from your chosen music source, linking it up to other ALL devices throughout your home for a completely blistering listening experience.