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Beko 14 Place Dishwasher  DFN29420G in Graphite


Beko DFN29420G 14 Place Dishwasher DFN29420G in Graphite

Price : £319.00

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Easy to use and energy efficient, this full size dishwasher comes with our AquaIntense® technology which takes care of those pots and pans that need extra scrubbing, doing the hard work for you. 

FULLY FLEXIBLE UPPER BASKET - You can make room for larger items in the bottom basket by adjusting the flexible upper basket, with three different height levels to choose from. The basket can be easily moved up and down, even when it's fully loaded.

FOLDING PLATE SUPPORTS - For easier and more flexible loading, the plate supports can be folded down to create extra room for your larger dishes, pans and bowls

PROSMART™ INVERTER MOTOR - Get peace of mind knowing your dishwasher is powered by our ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology. The brushless motor technology makes it quieter and more durable at the same time. And, it's built to be more energy efficient, helping to keep your energy bills down

EVERCLEAN™ FILTER TECHNOLOGY - Using a special sprinkler system that rinses out the food particles, Beko’s new EverClean Filter remains cleaner for longer, maintaining the quality of the wash and the cleanliness of the dishes.

AQUAINTENSE® TECHNOLOGY - You can trust your dishwasher to properly wash even the dirtiest pots and pans thanks to our AquaIntense® technology, which provides an extra intensive cleaning zone in the bottom basket. With the help of an extra spray arm, high pressure water is used to clean your dirtiest items, saving you the effort of having to scrub them clean.

ADDITIONAL FLEXIBLE CUTLERY TRAY AT THE TOP - Flexible to your everyday needs, the extra cutlery tray at the top of the dishwasher can be adjusted on both sides, so you can fit tall wine glasses in the upper basket while it's in use. You can also use it to replace the lower cutlery basket, making extra space in the bottom for fitting in larger items.

QUICK PROGRAMMES - Perfect for when you’re in a hurry, our Mini 30’ programme can wash a full load of slightly dirty dishes in just 30 minutes. And, when you have even dirtier items to clean, our Quick&Clean™ programme will only take 58 minutes to wash a full load – saving you time and money.