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De'Longhi AC 230 Air Purifier


De'Longhi AC 230 Air Purifier

Price : £239.00

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The De’Longhi AC 230 air purifier features a five-layer filtration system with the cleansing benefits of UV light. Suitable for rooms up to 80m²
AC 230 offers a new level of air purity. Integrated sensors will also keep you up to date of a room’s air quality and will even accelerate the fan when pollutants are detected.
With three fan speeds, including an auto mode, getting just the right settings for your home is straightforward. Knowing when to clean this unit is simple too with an indicator that will remind you to replace the two in one HEPA+Active Carbon filter after 720 hours of use.

Key features

  • HEPA filter - removes particles as small as 0.3 microns while the carbon filter is effective against harmful gases in the environment.
  • Built-in ioniser - helps to neutralise particles of dust, pollen, car and smoke fumes present in the air.
  • Ti02 filter - with UV light adds another layer of filtration by breaking down the cells of collected particles. Combined with a Nano Silver filter that’s 99% effective against bacteria
  • Three fan speeds - including an auto mode 
  • Intuitive sensor touch screen - let you interact with the AC 230 using onboard ‘soft keys’ like on a smartphone.
  • It lets you know with LED lights what the current air quality is in the room

It’s ideal for allergy sufferers as it can eliminate pollen, dust and pet hair

Dimensions - (cm) H 23 x W 50 x D 45