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Elica Nikola Tesla Extractor and hob in one - Please call for our best price!!


Elica Nikola Tesla Extractor and hob in one - Please call for our best price!!

Please contact us if you are interested in this product or you can call us at 028 2764 9222.

NikolaTesla  is the new Elica induction cooktop with a fully integrated extraction system. The central fan perfectly integrated into the cooktop, guarantees high performance in terms of fume capture, silence and energy efficiency.
NikolaTesla  has five direct slider controls that let you adjust the cooking zones and suction with a simple gesture.It also comes with Elica’s Intelligent System technology which can automatically decrease the suction power as the odours and fumes are eliminated.
Remove the centrally located grease filter and clean in a dishwasher, then wipe clean the interior.A conveniently located valve allows the easy draining of any significant spillages.The completely smooth surface of NikolaTesla Switch is an elegant design element, which also helps to speed up and simplify cleaning.
Through the use of innovative technology, the NikolaTesla Switch extractor hob allows precise cooking, improved air quality, ease of use and cleaning, silent functioning and energy efficiency.
Available in Duct-out or Recirculating models.