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Indesit XWDE861480XK 8KG/6KG Washer Dryer - Black


Indesit XWDE861480XK 8KG/6KG Washer Dryer - Black

Price : £359.00

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For a super-efficient approach to the day, the Indesit XWDE 861480X K UK Washer Dryer targets your hardest working garments with dedicated wash cycles, while the variable dry cycles help keep your day on track.

Featuring our innovative Push & Wash program, it only takes one step to reach brilliant daily cleaning in just 45 minutes - no need to pre-treat or scrub. Just press the dedicated button for two seconds and the Indesit XWDE 861480X K UK Washer Dryer will automatically start a 30c cycle that's perfect for cottons and synthetics.

Always working to save you money, Water Balance will adapt the amount of water used according to each cycle's need. Ensuring there's minimal wastage, it helps save money on your bills.

This machine has 16 different programs including Push&Wash + Dry – which takes just 45 mins to power away stains.

Prevent over drying your laundry with the Sensor Dry, which will automatically stop the cycle once your laundry is dry!

Key Features 

    • A energy rating help cut down your utility bills
    • One Touch Programme Selection
    • Variable Temp & Spin
    • Eco friendly with the Water Balance
    • 16 Programs; Rapid, Delicates & Push&Wash + Dry