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SAMSUNG NV7B5740TAS dual cook single oven
SAMSUNG NV7B5740TAS dual cook single oven
SAMSUNG NV7B5740TAS dual cook single oven
SAMSUNG NV7B5740TAS dual cook single oven
SAMSUNG NV7B5740TAS dual cook single oven
SAMSUNG NV7B5740TAS dual cook single oven


Samsung NV7B5740TAS/U4 Dual Cook Flex Electric Smart Oven in Stainless Steel [5 YEAR GUARANTEE]

Price : £759.00

This oven features the Dual Cook Flex technology from Samsung. It boasts an impressive 76 litre capacity which is large enough to cook your roast dinners or prepare for dinner parties with ease. You can cook in either the top or bottom half of the oven, or combine them to utilize the space of the entire oven, depending on what is most suitable for the food you are cooking


  • Dual Cook Flex - enjoy complete flexibility to cook various dishes with a hinged flexible door. Just open the upper zone for small meals. Or open the whole door to use both zones when cooking many different foods 
  • Modernised design - hassle-free cooking with intuitive and personalized control. Based on your usage patterns, it shows the most frequently used options, which can be quickly selected 
  • Air fry function - combines a special tray with hot air circulation that envelops food. Ideal way to cook french fries or vegetables as it eliminates excess fat, but everything is still crispy and brown outside and juicy inside 
  • Total even cookingAir Sous Vide* system accurately senses the temperatures in each cavity and maintains an even temperature for a long period. So everything is cooked thoroughly, wherever it is in the oven, and tastes deliciously tender and juicy.
  • SmartThings cooking - saves time and minimises the burden of cooking. By understanding your needs, it recommends personalised recipes** and creates a weekly meal plan. It also offers a guided cooking experience and enables effortless grocery
  • Catalytic rear wall - absorbs grease from splashes and drips during cooking. So it cleans itself without any hard work or costly cleaning products.
  • Food probe - Check the internal temperature of dishes more easily and ensure they are cooked to suit your taste
  • Soft closing door - the hinge makes the door move smoothly in the final few centimetres, so it slowly and quietly shuts, with no vibration of banging sounds
  • Large 76 L capacity - more space to cook your favourite meals  
  • Telescopic rails - slides in and out smoothly with hardly any effort 


Type  Multifunction  
Capacity  76 L 
Energy rating  A+ 
Cleaning  Catalytic 
Manufacturer guarantee  5 years 
Dimensions (cm)  H 59.6 x W 59.5 x D 55 
Control  Touch & dials 
Display  LCD 
Timer  Programmable 
Viewing window  Double glazed 
Other features  - Dual Cook
- Air Sous Vide
- Air Fry
- Natural Steam
Safety features  Childproof safety lock 
Functions  - Conventional
- Convection
- Eco Convection
- Bottom Heat
- Bottom Heat & Convection
- Top Heat & Convection
- Large Grill
- Eco Grill
- Fan Grill
- Air Sous Vide
- Pro-Roasting
- Air Fry
Grill features  - Full-width
- Fan grilling
Power supply  16 amp 
Electrical power rating  3.95 kW