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Samsung NZ84J9770EK 80cm NZ9000 Chef Collection Induction Hob with Virtual Flame Technology – Black


Samsung NZ84J9770EK 80cm NZ9000 Chef Collection Induction Hob with Virtual Flame Technology – Black

Price : £879.00

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Precise visual induction cooking
Samsung’s innovative Virtual Flame Technology™ visually tells you how hot each ring with LED lighting that glows in accordance with the temperature of each cooking zone. Enjoy a more precise way to cook.

Precise Detachable Knob
A movable Magnetic Knob lets you control the temperature settings of the Samsung Chef Collection Cooktop with precision. And because it can be completely detached, it also makes it easier to clean the entire surface.

Fits All Shapes And Sizes
The Samsung Chef Collection Cooktop features a large open area called the Wide Flex Zone, designed for cooking multiple dishes at once. It's wide and spacious enough to fit pots and pans of varying shapes and sizes, including large cookware.

Keep food warm & ready
The Keep Warm button is handy for when you’re preparing several dishes, as it lets you keep your food at the perfect temperature without over-cooking. Your food will taste freshly prepared–no matter when you serve it.

Instantly high heat
The Quick Start button reduces the steps and time it takes to start cooking by providing high heat instantly, which can then be gradually reduced. Immediately increase the power level from ‘0’ to ‘15’ without any delay.

One-touch instant pause
The Pause button provides greater convenience by allowing you to switch all cooking zones to a low power setting with just one touch. To resume, just touch it again to return the heat to your original power levels in an instant.

Key Features

  • Precision cooking using Virtual Flame Technology
  • Cook multiple dishes with ease using Wide Flex Zone
  • 80cm wide induction hob
  • 4 zones, including 2 flex zones that can be combined for larger pots and pans
  • Child lock for safety
  • Easy-to-clean ceramic surface
  • 3 Bevelled edges
Depth 52cm
Height 6cm
Width 80cm