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Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio 360° Multiroom Hub
Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio 360° Multiroom Hub
Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio 360° Multiroom Hub


Samsung WAM250 Wireless Audio 360° Multiroom Hub

Price : £45.00

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The Samsung WAM (Wireless Audio Multiroom) system is a great way of accessing all your digital music and playing it through a high quality and intuitive system. Through your smartphone or tablet you can access stored music on the device or, via DLNA, on your PC, laptop or NAS drive. You can also stream music from your favourite online music service.


  • TRULY WIRELESS - One of the true stand-out qualities of the Samsung WAM system is its range of wireless connectivity options. A direct wireless connection via the WAM250 hub also offers a robust wireless service, independent of your Wi-Fi network, for effortless multi-room accessibility.
  • MULTI-ROOM FOR SOUND AROUND YOUR HOME - Use a WAM250 hub at the heart of your system then simply place WAM speaker systems around your home - wherever you fancy some music. Then, use your smartphone or tablet to control the music in each room. Simply drag the track you want, to the room you want on the display and you're away. For your convenience, the Samsung WAM system works with Android (2.3.3 and above), iOS (5.0 and above), Mac (OS X 10.0 and above) and Windows (XP and above) operating systems.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Installing and building a Samsung WAM system is easy. Simply connect the WAM250 hub to your router and you've got the basis of a wireless network. After that, all you need to do is wirelessly pair your speakers and devices. Once done you've a robust and high quality wireless music system that's ready to go!

For a quality wireless multi-room system, that doesn't rely upon your home Wi-Fi system, the Samsung WAM250 is the ideal place to start - just add WAM speakers!