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Stellar Dual Zone Deluxe Induction Hob SEA12


Stellar SEA12 Dual Zone Deluxe Induction Hob

Price : £99.00

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A fantastic dual zone induction hob from Stellar. The new, safe, fast and controllable way of cooking. This compact induction hob is simple and stylish. Only the pan is heated and the ceramic plate remains relatively cool. When the pan is removed or the hob is turned off, heating instantly stops and the residual heat of the ceramic plate quickly cools. No spillage during cooking will bake onto a hot area.

Designed for table-top use or can also be fitted into a worktop (cut-out approx 49x27cm), this slim and compact hob adds a new dimension to domestic cooking, because of its advantages on safety, speed and controllability.

Your pans will heat quickly, and higher than normal cooking temperatures can be reached. Changing from a fast boil to a gentle simmer happens instantly at the press of a button.

Energy savings compared with conventional hobs can be in the region of 40% to 70%


    • 8 selectable temperatures (80ᄚC to 220ᄚC)
    • Easy to clean
    • Maximal input power: 3100w
    • Rating voltage: 220 - 240V
    • Rating frequency: 50Hz
    • Approx measurements: 51cm x 29cm x 10cm
    • 2 Year Warranty