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Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar * Graded -


Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar * Graded -

Price : £249.00

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DTS Virtual:X – world first technology

The Yamaha YAS207 is the world’s first soundbar to use DTS Virtual:X technology. Virtual:X gives the impression of height from the sound, meaning that effects such a helicopter flying overhead or falling rain sound more realistic than ever.

Powerful bass from a wireless subwoofer
Letting you make the most of an action film or music concert, a separate subwoofer adds a level of realism that is more hi-fi than TV. With the YAS207 you’ll feel explosive soundtracks and hear a whole new level of powerful sound from music concerts. Best of all, this extra power comes with very little inconvenience. The wireless sub connection means there’s no wire between the soundbar and subwoofer. The subwoofer itself is compact and easy to position, requiring just a mains socket to plug in and go.

Bluetooth music streaming
As well as making your TV sound great, the YAS207 also offers effortless Bluetooth music streaming. The YAS-207 automatically enhances the high-end of compressed music sources (such as MP3) and deepens the mid-to-low ranges — giving you a smoother, more detailed sound. Stream your music library or use a music streaming service such as Spotify or and enjoy a massive range of music in Yamaha quality.

Easy HDMI connection

Featuring HDMI input and output sockets, connecting up your system is easy. Connect both your Blu-ray (or games console) and TV via HDMI and enjoy the highest quality sound and vision. The sockets are compatible with HDR, HDCP2.2 and UHD 4K, meaning they'll get the best from the current generation of UHD4K Blu-ray players and TVs. Other inputs include both digital optical and coaxial analogue inputs for your music sources.

Unobtrusive and easy to use
Being so slim and attractive, the YAS207 sits easily in front of or just below your TV. Built-in keyhole slots make it easy to fix to the wall if you prefer. If you need to go deeper, there’s a HOME THEATER CONTROLLER app, giving you smart operability in an intuitive and easy-to-understand design. Select the content you want to play, fine-tune the sound quality, as well as turn the system power on and off — all with convenient fingertip control from your smartphone or tablet.

Sleek good looks, powerful sound with both TV and music and ease of use; the Yamaha YAS207 is the simple solution to superior sound.

* Graded stock comes with full 12 month warranty