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Yamaha YSP1600 MusicCast 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Multiroom 80w Soundbar - Silver - Please call for Price!


Yamaha YSP1600 MusicCast 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Multiroom 80w Soundbar - Silver

Price : £199.00

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The original surround sound from a single box

The Yamaha YSP1600 offers the illusion of speakers all around, without the associated boxes and wires. In essence, the Yamaha bounces sound off the walls, from just one source to give a room-filling sound. At its heart are separate digital amplifiers, driving 8 'sound beam' drivers and two woofer units. Digital Sound Projector technology ensures optimum performance and a true 5.1 sound effect, while a choice of DSP modes allows you to tailor the sound to your exact requirements.

Built-in subs for deep bass  With dual 8.5cm woofers either side of the soundbar, you're guaranteed a rich, full-bodied sound that's a great improvement on standard TV speakers. If you require an even deeper bass for that full cinema effect, a subwoofer output lets you connect up your choice of active sub.

MusicCast for music all around your home  The Yamaha YSP1600 is fully compatible with Yamaha's hugely impressive network audio system, MusicCast. With MusicCast you can control all your compatible Yamaha MusicCast products via your smartphone or tablet. Play the same music on all the components or split the sound into different zones for different moods in each room; the choice is yours.

Advanced networking including Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth  Built-in Apple AirPlay means that you can stream music from your Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or other compatible Apple device, wirelessly. If you use another brand of smartphone or tablet then you've also got Bluetooth, for easy music streaming from your portable device.

Wi-Fi, DLNA and a smart app for effortless streaming  Also standard with the YSP-1600 is Wi-Fi, giving easy connection to your home network. A DLNA certified connection makes streaming a breeze. You can access your stored music from PC, laptop or NAS drive and listen to Internet radio stations and music services such as Spotify and Napster. Another great feature is the free Apple or Android app that lets you control many of the soundbar's functions from your smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or tablet.

Ready for 4K  The Yamaha YSP1600 features 4K pass-through for its HDMI sockets. With 4K TVs now widely available this feature is rapidly becoming essential. For future compatibility, the YSP1600 adheres to the HDCP2.2 standard, meaning it will also be suitable for use with UHD (4K) video sources. The HDMI connections (1 in/1 out) are also 3D Ready and support Audio Return Channel (ARC) functionality for reduced cabling.

For a soundbar that's just as impressive with streamed music as your TV's sound, the Yamaha YSP1600 is a classic all-rounder.