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Bosch WNA134U8GB 8/5kg Freestanding 1400 Spin Washer Dryer
Bosch WNA134U8GB 8/5kg Freestanding 1400 Spin Washer Dryer
Bosch WNA134U8GB 8/5kg Freestanding 1400 Spin Washer Dryer


Bosch WNA134U8GB 8/5kg Freestanding 1400 Spin Washer Dryer

Price : £779.00


  • Efficient Wash & Dry - Now you can thoroughly wash and dry a load in just one hour. This programme is suitable for lightly soiled clothes and for washing and drying heat resistant textiles, such as cottons or linen. Suitable for a 1kg load.
  • Wash & Go All In One - Bosch washer-dryers with AutoDry dry as efficiently as they wash. AutoDry automatically knows when your load is perfectly dry by constantly measuring the humidity to ensure precise and gentle drying.Fully adjusted Wash&Dry programmes for each type of textile deliver the best results every time. At last, a washer dryer for ready-to-wear results. Wash and dry up to 5kg all in one go.
  • Auto Dry - AutoDry lets you select the exact level of dryness you require for your clothes. Whether that's dry enough to iron or extra-dry and ready to fold, AutoDry will reach the selected level automatically. Its sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture to protect your laundry from high temperatures and over-drying.
  • Reload Function - The Reload function lets you easily add or remove clothes during wash cycles*. Just press the Reload button and open the door, then add your forgotten items and continue the wash. *As a safety feature, Reload will ensure that the suds are no hotter than 50°C and that the water level is not too high before allowing you top open the door.



Energy Rating E
Wash load 8 kg
Drying load 5 kg
Max spin speed 1400RPM
Manufacturer guarantee  2 years 
Dimensions (cm) H 84.8 x W 59.8 x D 59


Display type LED
Delay timer length 24 hours
Control type Buttons / Dial
Functions - Easy iron
- Spin speed selection
- SpeedPerfect
- Start / Pause
- Temperature selection
- Prewash


Variable temperature Yes
Variable spin  Yes 
Wash programmes  - Cottons
- Easy-Care
- Delicate/Silk programme
- Wool/Handwash
- Super Quick 15
- Mixed Load
- Drain / Spin
- Sportswear
- Single Rinse
Drying Cycles - Cottons
- Easy-Care
- Intensive dry
- Low heat
- Refresh
- Wash & Dry 60
Max noise level 70 dB
Consumption with dryer (100 Cycles)

- 313 kWh

- 7000 L