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Liebherr EWTdf3553 Vindor Full Height Wine Cooler
Liebherr EWTdf3553 Vindor Full Height Wine Cooler


Liebherr EWTdf3553 Vindor Full Height Wine Cooler

Price : £2,685.00

Please contact us if you are interested in this product or you can call us at 028 2764 9222.

Key features

  • Activated charcoal filterEnvironmental odours can affect wines stored for longer periods. In the wine cabinets, perfect air quality is ensured through an easily-replaceable FreshAir activated charcoal filter.
  • Vinidor rangeWith two or three wine safes that can be precisely regulated from +5°C to +20°C independently of one another, the Vinidor appliances offer maximum flexibility of use. 
  • Reversible door hinges - The appliances are factory fitted with door hinges on the right. The reversible door hinges permit optimum use of the appliance wherever it is located.
  • Door on door system - The unit door and appliance door are firmly interconnected with the unit door being fixed directly onto the appliance door.
  • Child lock - The child lock is programmed so as to prevent the appliance being inadvertently switched off. A symbol in the MagicEye indicates when the child lock is switched on.
  • Door alarm - The audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of the food.

Key specs

  • 256 L capacity
  • 10 storage shelves - (8 telescopic rails) (1 wooden folding shelf)
  • Aperature dimensions - (cm) H 177.2 - 178 x W 56 -57 x D 55