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Midea M6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Midea M6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Midea M6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Midea M6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Midea M6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Price : £249.00


  • Lidar navigation precise mapping - enables M6 to recognise the layout of your home, create a precise map and establish an efficient cleaning route in a short time 
  • Obstacle avoidance - intelligent navigation and advanced algorithm allow M6 to detect obstacles immediately and avoid collision 
  • Multiple maps storage - makes it easy to create and store multiple maps in its memory for different floors and all your spaces 
  • Clean efficiently - covers every corner of your home and significantly optimize the cleaning efficiency 
  • 2-IN-1 robot vacuum and mop - equipped with a 2-in-1 tank which combines a 250ml electronically controlled water reservoir and a 600ml dustbin, the M6 can vacuum and mop at the same time 
  • Mop as you need - 4 adjustable water volume settings
  • Cleans multiple floor types - including, tile, marble, wood
  • Strong suction power - equipped with a BLDC motor the M6 can reach a suction level of 2000Pa 
  • Long battery life - the M6 can run up to 120 minutes and automatically recharge before the battery is running low 
  • Set a no-go area - you can set a virtual wall or no-go area to avoid cleaning restricted areas like carpets and washrooms. 
  • Voice control - compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home 


Suction power  2000Pa 
Dust bin capacity  600ml 
Water tank capacity  250ml 
Run time  90-120 min 
Battery capacity  350mAh 
Filter type  HEPA 
Smart control 
  • Schedule cleaning
  • Zone cleaning 
  • Setting no-go area 
  • Multi-floor mapping