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CDL100EISL/C rangemaster 100cm induction range cooker in slate
CDL100EISL/C rangemaster 100cm induction range cooker in slate


Rangemaster CDL100EISL/C Classic Deluxe Slate & Chrome 100cm Electric Induction Range Cooker

Price : £3,119.00


  • Main multifunction oven - gives you full control over your cooking, choose from the fan oven to static heat depending on what dish your cooking. 
  • 5 Zone induction hob - giving you lots of room for cooking, the induction hob heats your pan directly rather than the whole hob surface giving you fast and responsive cooking 
  • Handyrack - adjustable rack attached to oven door, great for keeping an eye on your roasts
  • Catch-rite™ door fixture  All doors are fitted with the new all stainless steel door catch. A superior mechanism that under testing shows longevity of over 50 years
  • Nite-Lite™ – After 10pm the clock will automatically dim leaving a softer light 
  • Glide-Out Grill™ - grilling inside the cooking appliance, this grill is easy to slide out to keep an eye on your cooking allowing you to grill to perfection 
  • Catalytic liners - the special antacid lining absorbs grease making the cleaning process a lot easier


Type  Induction 
Main cavity  Multifunction 
Second cavity  Electric fan 
Third cavity  Grill 
Hob  Induction 
Manufacturer guarantee 2 years 
Dimensions (cm) H 90.5-93 x W 99.4 x D 60.8 
Controls  Rotary 
Timer  Programmable timer 
Window  Triple-glazed 
Main cavity 
  • Multifunction
  • 73 L capacity 
  • Catalytic liners 
  • Handyrack 
Second cavity 
  • Fan oven 
  • 82 L capacity 
  • Enamel interior 
  • Plate rack 
Third cavity 
  • Glide-out-grill 
  • 25 L capacity 
  • Enamel lining 
  • Induction 
  • 1.55 - 3 kW power range 
  • Power boost function 
  • Safety lock 
Fuse rating  45 Amp cookerbox 
Electrical load  16 kW 
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