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Riley RS1 Electric Scooter
Riley RS1 Electric Scooter
Riley RS1 Electric Scooter


Riley RS1 Electric Scooter

Price : £378.00

RS1 by Riley Scooters is designed to be the most sturdy and powerful of electric scooters. With the roll of your thumb, feel the momentum as the scooter accelerates upto 25km/ph using the 700W Peak 350W brushless drive train, leaving you wanting more. Being the first electric scooter with a removable battery pack, keep on the move effortlessly. The RS1 has three economical drive modes, cruise control, a durable lightweight weather resistant aluminum alloy frame.


  • Lots of power with the roll of your finger - with the roll of your thumb, accelerate up to 25km/ph, one-handed acceleration, braking and cruise control, at the touch of a finger
  • 25km one charge range 
  • Three drive modes 
  • Durable, Lightweight Weather Resistant Frame  


Power  350W - 36v Motor with 700W Peak capacity 
Drive speed 25km/h 
Battery range 15 miles/25km 
Charging time  Approx. 2 hours 
Battery  6.4ah Panasonic Battery 
Clearance  115m height between feet plate & ground 
Max rider weight  120kg before performance drop 
warranty  1 year